Why Coaching? + SNEAK PEEK at Holiday Branding Course!


ccbrandcoaching_fb_coverFed up with the daily grind, you’ve broken away from your full-time job to pursue your passion full-time. You have your portfolio online, and some contacts you can reach out to. Once those run out though, you know you’ll be unsure of how to communicate what you do to people you don’t know.

It’s daunting to go it solo. There are a ton of freelancers out there, and you want to stand out from the rest to get your business going. (Read to the end to see my NEW program that address this just in time for the holidays–competition is heating up and you don’t want to get left behind! The program starts 11/9, and you’ll get 20% off if you sign up by 11/2!).

What a Coach Shouldn’t Be: A Glorified Salesperson

You’ve looked at business coaches online, but they all sound the same: be awesome at your biz, personal transformation, blah blah blah. It sounds kind of intriguing, but sales-y and…kind of old-people-y.

Here’s the thing: There aren’t alot of business coaches out there for millennials. Millennial solopreneurs are a unique market that Creatively Courageous focuses on, because as one, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel totally disillusioned–that degree you paid for, that job you loved, all seemingly for naught in the wake of a ruthless economy.

What a Coach Should Be: A Facilitator

Having been there, a coach should be invested in your progress–your success is their success. Each program, no matter the structure, is a step-by-step journey of personal growth with the coach as your guide. Coaches are facilitators.

The way that CC facilitates is by helping you explore your unique personality traits and talents in a safe environment. You’re given meditation scripts and creative writing prompts that you complete on your own. These exercises help you get grounded in where you are now, what you have to offer, and how to forge ahead with what you’ve got. The work gives you the confidence to step forward and effortlessly define who you are, what you do, and how you are different, without the anxiety of “Am I good enough?”

Examples of Assignments You’ll Receive

  • Apply your situation to an archetype– Let’s take the Warrior. You want to be a strong person, fearless when it comes to defining your business and communicating with prospects and clients. You define your archetypes through your talent profile assessment that CC provides, which focuses on your personality and gifts. Each archetype comes with guided meditation scripts (don’t worry–if you’re new to meditation, there are instructions on how to begin!). By meditating on the archetype, you gain insight into that part of yourself. You might learn about specific areas in which you need to stand up for yourself and gain confidence.
  • Use insight from meditation to complete creative writing exercises– You’ll use this insight to answer questions about what you learned, as a way of grounding and focusing the insight. You’ll then apply it to branding questions–your mission statement, value proposition, look and feel of your brand, etc. The Warrior attitude would make its way into your branding as you learn to be comfortable with this quality of yourself and properly integrate it into your outer expression. The meditation and writing exercises are week-by-week, to give you sufficient time to develop your personal brand without feeling rushed.

Upcoming Programs

NEW! 1-month holiday kickstart course beginning 11/9- Get a head start before the competition heats up, and achieve holiday success in 1 month! Learn how to:

  • Differentiate yourself from other freelancers as your own unique brand
  • Find clients in need of holiday promotion
  • Deliver top-notch holiday content
  • Measure results in terms of holiday-specific KPIs
  • De-stress from crazy holiday deadlines

This is the perfect course for you if:

  • You’re just starting your new business and want to get a head start
  • You have an existing freelance business and want to add something new

This course consists of:

  • Weekly meditation and creative writing exercises as outlined above, PLUS
  • PDF guides on how to achieve the above-listed items, PLUS
  • Weekly Skype calls to check progress, guide through exercises if needed, and add resources
  • Email support for your questions! (Up to 3 questions/week)

Is This Program for You?

Let’s see! You can schedule a (free) 30-minute discovery call to determine if the program is a good fit for you.

Regular pricing for entire program (1 month): $1,500

SPECIAL OFFER: Before the holiday season starts, I’m offering a discount of 20% through 10/31! This means you get the entire program for only $1,200.

Fill out the form below to schedule your free 30-minute discovery call today, and be on your way to kickstarting your holiday success!


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