5 Tips to Get Your Etsy Shop Ready for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and your shop includes holiday-specific items, or items within a category that customers could put to use for this holiday. You’re a newer shop, and have tried several times already to get your shop out there on Etsy and social media. Those sites being the crowded communities they are, gaining shop visibility while differentiating your products can be an enormous challenge. A major holiday like Halloween can make this even more difficult.

You can check Etsy stat site CraftCount to see top sellers by month and year, or by category. What are top sellers doing to boost sales? How many listings do they have? (Keep in mind that it’s recommended you have between 20-100 listings to keep shoppers’ attention as they browse.)

Top Etsy sellers from October of last year, according to CraftCount.

Top Etsy sellers from October of last year, according to CraftCount.

How do you navigate all this while staying profitable? Marketing tasks can be a lot to juggle with your regular ones, such as customer communication and shipping. Here are a few quick tips that can put you on your way to gaining more visibility and differentiating your products:

  1. Do some research to find a sub-category that isn’t yet saturated. You can use CraftCount to help you determine this, showing the number of sellers in a given category.
  2. Include specific tags for all products. Don’t just focus on ‘Halloween’, ‘candles’, ‘jewelry’, ‘hats’, etc. Try to include tags about the material, color, intended place of use, target audience, etc. In doing this, you want to target users who know what they are looking for–something more specific within that category. These users are in the Research (second) stage, vs. the Awareness (first) phase of the Buyer’s Journey. They aren’t just window-shopping, and you have a better chance of hooking them.
  3. Determine which products you want to sell FIRST. Those with higher prices or that you feel are your finest work. Position those products with social ads--Facebook ads have greater reach and impressions, while Twitter Ads have been shown to have greater click-through rates. Instagram also recently opened up its ad platform; the multiple formats should be interesting to compare metrics on. Whichever platform you choose, be sure to include a product photo and tweet copy based on hashtag and topic research.
  4. Use social media to show how your products are different. Be as specific as possible. Make heavier use of Instagram and Pinterest vs. Twitter and Facebook, as these visual mediums receive higher engagement than the latter two. Pinterest also has a very high click-through rate from posts to the product link itself; in fact, 88% of Pinterest users buy the products they pin. As an example of post content, are you using local ingredients? Special methods of preparation? Note the benefits of each and every detail that makes your product different from others in its category. As noted before, the more unique they are, the more attention your products are likely to get from the right customers who are more likely to buy.
  5.  If you have a blog, posts there can be a long-form way to showcase product features and usage. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase product galleries. However, maintenance is key, as you’ll need to keep it current as you add products.

Obviously, this is all very time-consuming, and just a small example of what you can do. As noted, it’ll put you on your way to your goal, but it takes a lot more than that to achieve it. Frequency and consistency are important, and constitute an ongoing strategy.

That being the case, why not allow a marketer to take care of that strategy, saving you time and letting you focus on creating and listing your products? This is especially helpful for those who accept custom orders, as these can take time to create and ship. Outsourcing your branding ensures you can maintain a regular listing and shipping schedule as your customer base increases, keeping you profitable with more orders and less lag time in customer communication and shipping.

Through October 1st, ContentCandy is offering a specially-priced promotional package just for Etsy shop owners. At 30% off, you’ll get:

  • Social media and content strategy creation, execution and measurement (including social ads, plus original content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Based on review of shop analytics, such as where visitors are coming from and which products they’re viewing
  • Product listing optimization with keywords
  • Updating email newsletter with current offers
  • Blog post content for product promotion*

*Optional; blog can be set up if client wishes. There is no additional charge.

I would love to learn about your business needs and how I can help increase your profitability. Contact me today for your FREE 30-minute consult!


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