Cutting Through the Coach Clutter: 3 Tips to Stand Out Online as a Coach

As a coach, you love using your gifts to help people. But the challenge for your industry is steep: The internet is brimming with coaches, all of whom are offering similar programs and possess seemingly unlimited funds to market themselves. How is a new coach supposed to cut through the clutter?

I’m going to give you three branding tips in a second, but first I want to be clear about something: Avoiding buzzwords is going to become more key as the industry continues to grow. The more you can brand yourself to stand out, the better. When you can clearly define what you do differently, and for whom, the quicker people will want to work with you.

Having said that, here are three ways you can differentiate yourself right now as an emerging coach.

1. Be super-clear and consistent across all your messaging.
Being a coach means establishing and maintaining trust in every capacity. People are looking to you to help them solve what is, deep down, a personal problem. Don’t ruin that trust by using misleading titles or credentials. Create a unique, clear and accurate title for yourself; you don’t even have to use the word ‘coach’. Find out what titles there are too many of in your area.
If you are an independent representative for a company in addition to providing coaching services, be up front about that. Try to emphasize the personalized packages as a whole, versus just the product line. This cuts down the competition from other local representatives who are selling the same brand.

2. Offer something unique, and design a landing page and email marketing campaign around it.
Give them a carrot and then start providing more content through multiple emails. The primary challenge here is in crafting a juicy enough initial offer that encourages them to opt in. Overall, it needs to be something that encapsulates your experience and explains the benefits, just enough to make them want more. It could take the form of an ebook, webinar or video.

3. Engage in conversations with your audience!
As a coach, it’s your job to get personal with people and figure out their needs and motivations. People will be curious about what you do and how you can help them. Publish conversational posts asking fun, easy-to-answer questions that your audience will want to respond to (e.g. a relevant book discussion). Be sure to reply to everyone who responds. This is especially important on Twitter, where the level of conversation is more frequent and response times are expected to be faster.

What have you tried so far with your branding? What worked and what didn’t? How are you looking to differentiate yourself?

Share your personal brand story in the comments, or Tweet me at @getcontentcandy.

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