Introducing ContentCandy

Killer sales can’t happen without killer content. If you’re a woman-owned retail, wellness or coaching business in the Raleigh area, I’m here to sweeten your marketing and strengthen your brand. With a 3-year background in content marketing for small businesses, I know how to plan and run promotional retail campaigns to increase customer retention and ROI. Using social media, blogging, and copywriting strategies, everyone will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Who is ContentCandy?


Niki Staehle, Promotions Consultant
My specialty is in online retail promotions for small businesses. With an extensive background in social media campaign optimization, email marketing and blogging, I can help you reach your audience! I’ll plan, execute and measure promotions that will drive and keep customers.

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One thought on “Introducing ContentCandy

  1. Alexia Brewer says:

    Hi Niki! I”m friends with your mom and she shared your site with me! I am a coach and I have the copy done for my packages but would like some help around them. Look forward to talking with you:)


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